How To Brewfest: Coren Direbrew

A how to guide and general showing of the holiday boss encounter for brewfest. Coren Direbrew. His loot has been updated with the item lvl 200 reskinned trinkets from heroism badges and 2 very nice hp trinkets with +170 stam. The remote still drops and so does the 2 mounts which are still available to both factions but still at a low droprate. This video was made 10 mins after brewfest started:). Filmed by Divineirony from Ghostlands eu. Please rate and subscribe for more videos. Thanks to …

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25 Responses to How To Brewfest: Coren Direbrew

  1. RFXCGZZ says:

    last year he was pretty hard actually

  2. czientak says:

    My 75 lock did this daily, according to wiki, req is 70. However all the sweet trinkets he drops are only lvl 80. My 80 tank got the 170sta AND 84dodge trinkets first run =)

  3. excandersham says:

    while 75 may be correct below isnt i went with a lvl72 they cannot get the quest unfortunately.

    They can get the loot however so if your feeling nice you can bring one of your low lvl guildies along for an upgrade before 80

  4. czientak says:

    OK, so between 73-75 is the req. Dang, was gonna take my buddy’s 72 lock who hasnt played in a while. O well.

  5. crackershoes says:

    i have two questions. what should be the lower range of defense rating for tanking him. And Can you equip two of the same trinkets. like two of the bitter ones, or two of the other type.

  6. excandersham says:

    435 defense

    and you can only wear one of each trinkets if you have both you can wear both

  7. warcraftwillneverdie says:


  8. tennster says:

    4% drop rate got my ram yesterday 😛

  9. MangaZ4EveR says:

    can u do the quest with the 40 marks everyday? Oo

  10. excandersham says:

    no only once.

  11. MangaZ4EveR says:

    naw too bad ^^

  12. nkrautz says:

    Wow. Please click less. Learn to keybind

  13. idiotwithgun633 says:

    ok, I just turned 80 not too long ago, so I’m not really geared yet, but my defense rating is 490, would I be able to tank it? I’m a prot warrior.

  14. excandersham says:

    easily the guys a wimp

  15. 227men says:

    Im Huenterman on Carine the other day i hit lv 65 then i made a group 4 the achivment and….EVERYBODY IS WRONG YOU CAN KILL HIM EVEN AT LV 65 OR LIK 60…now i just need 300 tockens 4 the clothing do the achivment then sell in 2hrs or less buy brew of month membership then ill b Brewmaster Huenterman =D.

  16. excandersham says:

    you can but you cant get the quest

  17. 227men says:

    ya i no but i didnt give a crap bout that lol

  18. Rycis459 says:

    hmmm im 68 lol so ima try to get a group together for direbrew lets see if it works most likely all the 80s are gonna wine that im to low lol

  19. Timetonut says:

    Thank you for posting this. I don’t have the expansion and was able to fight Direbrew last year, but as a 70 you can’t get what is now a 80 lvl quest. Nice to learn, retarded that no one on my realm would mention this.

  20. stimorol94 says:

    The drop rate for the mounts was like 1-2% last year this year its 4 and 5 %

  21. reock123 says:

    Coren is soloable by a well geared pally, but there is a fairly high chance of death (which will waste your summon). With 39k self buffed, 56% combined dodge/parry avoidance, seal/judge light and i still had to bubble, lay on hands and use a runic healing potion. Its cake untill the girls start kegging you, Filling your inventory may help drop it down to just one girl getting you but wont stop the dark brewmaiden so it becomes a bit of a dps race when she pops up. See : Lightdrinker on armory.

  22. hbfeldze says:

    hes so wimpy its not even fun doing him=/

  23. TurkeyScratchGaming says:

    Wrong. You need 12 brew of the month beers, after you get your membership. Which takes 12 months.

  24. excandersham says:

    but that does not count towards the meta

  25. TurkeyScratchGaming says:

    oh nice

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