Molten-WoW Private Server (Better Quality)

[trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”640″ height=”385″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video]Join Molten-wow private server better quality is a World of Warcraft free private server. It is one of the best developed servers currently available and the closets to retail quality you can find. The server boasts: Skilled and Dedicated Developement team. Scripted mobs. Scripted instances. Scripted bosses. Scripted quests. Vote rewards. Donation rewards. Character teleportation. Competent in game staff. Events Holiday Events Working items. Working professions. Working spells and skills. 4000 players per realm. 2 realms( One already at maximum pop cap). Vent server. Working achievements. Achievement rewards. Working battlegrounds and vendors. Working arena system and vendors. Scripted gear. 12 x experience for mobs and quests Increased drop rate Much Much more. It has pvp and pve action as well, and this is a very stable Molten-wow private server Better Quality.

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39 Responses to Molten-WoW Private Server (Better Quality)

  1. DJreMa94 says:

    Resilience isn’t working?

  2. seanthamaster says:

    How do i get on here, it says i need a battlenet account but this is a private server. Please help! i got my account setup!

  3. runescapepker9889 says:


  4. bchammer78 says:

    there are certain times that you can get on and there is no queue
    queue isnt fake and that is only on 1 of the 3 realms. shammys dont do 22k lava burst or 13k chin lighting stop exaggerating by a ton.
    and all servers have some spammers and ninjas

  5. woot835 says:

    cant get on cause im always on 900-1000 in que its very annoying

  6. Archon762 says:

    @runescapepker9889 increased leveling and vendors that sell teir armor?

  7. runescapepker9889 says:

    @Archon762 yes

  8. Archon762 says:

    free gaming yes or no?

  9. PajaPatakBrakeTheLaw says:

    server is good to do raids but they have FAKE QUEUE of 1800+ players,second some characters are too much OP then other.Warr Tank 28k on full Rele Retri paladin,i mean WTF???third DONORS who ruin game.Ressiliense works on only 2 or 3 characters or class.t7 shamy 22k lava burst and 13k Chain Light in Arena on PVP gear.SPAMERS planty of them and NINJAS too.Check their forum so i dont need to type.Shit-WoW not Molten

  10. NoMWoW says:

    molten wow forever <3!! i started this week on the newst server and it got 2000players after 3 days!! thats sick! no other servers got 12000 players +++ :D!!! (pls watch my movie too ) :)

  11. mccos1 says:

    its like real wow but with fuckin donnors

  12. xUnkn0wnn says:

    what’s up with the queue for this server? 120 minutes wait time. :S

  13. brzdakugej says:

    Who need some help /w Teei xDD

  14. CameronWasmund says:

    There is not a single custom Item or NPC on the server. So no Teleporter. I don’t know about the Dungeon Finder but its pretty complex and i would doubt that its working.

  15. koevoetja says:

    @HeavyFireworks Well server Sargeras in online right now with working Patch 3.3.2 Update ONLINE! Check it out…

  16. 557945 says:

    does, dongeon finder works?
    or any teleport to help to do instances?
    or you have to go to the place?
    cause, in retail i play on my cousin account i help him get gears 😀

  17. HeavyFireworks says:

    On March 1, Patch 3.3.2 Update will be released on the Realms of Molten-WoW but for now It’s still 3.2.2a

  18. DanielyesH says:

    The problem may be that you guys are having he patch 3.3.0, On Molten wow’s private server is says that you need patch 3.2.2. that could be the problem that you cant connect to the servers the thing is, you may have to patch down. :)
    Correct me if Im wrong.

  19. Darksector795 says:

    Ich habe ein 100% Blizzlike Server 3.3.2

  20. MRYE4001 says:

    how i play it ican’t go into realms :'(

  21. sheemsy says:

    anyone know why i get disconnected evertime i try to logg on.
    i cant even get to character creation page.

  22. TheForgeShow says:

    @DarkGokid Ah ok, thanks :)

  23. HellboundG says:

    What realm is best for raiding? NELTHARION or DEATHWING? and wich one is more populated

  24. Overmeer2 says:

    Realm is off ATM.

  25. DarkGokid says:

    well first oyu need world of warcraft then make sure it is 3.3.2 since they released a new realm :d then pllay :S

  26. sbd says:

    Increased Drop? not in 3.3.2 unless things have change dramatically on official since xmas, its far below official drop rate, by the time my mage lvled to 30 on Deathwing high rate, i had looted 2 greens i could wear!!!
    So went tailor/enchanting, tailor solved the equipment problem, chanting is a friggin nightmare. Only spot I found normal green drops was in NR instances.
    BTW noone wants to raid with you unless you are all purple gear… now just how are you supposed to get that without a raid? Yes i am in a guild, they still dont want a 2.5k gearscore mage in most raids.
    To top that off it has the WORST ganker problem i have seen since wow came out, or in any other game for that matter. Extreme unbalance between hords and alliance. Lvl 80’s will chase a lowbie for as long as required, just to gank. Noone quests in tanaris without a 25k lvl 80 escort.

    Other than that, nearly all quests work, its blizzlike, nearly too blizzlike, greater xp, less drops still equals days of grind to try to get gear.

  27. magilla says:

    Molten is fantastic. They have added a third server “Sargeras” which is 20x. No one on server does ridiculous damage. It is very fair and balanced. I have never waited longer than 20 minutes in queue, and I play at all times. Servers run well (basically no lag). At 65 Druid I have only found 3 quests on my path that are bugged, and only one skill (insect swarm so who cares). Plus the rating for gear and weapons system is great. 5 points per 12 hours. Best level 80 gear in the game is only 85 points so if you stay active you can deck your characters out.

  28. OkeyDokey says:

    It says login server is down …. What the hell????

  29. JoeFernandes says:

    i will try it right now just im curious if its look like an original one prhaps 90% and if work its okay no one have more than 60% so lets see :))

  30. allen says:

    where can i get the client downloader ???
    or how can i play molten wow???
    guid me please…

  31. mafe.. says:

    got a question:

    im playing molten-wow for about a couple months now.
    last week molten wow upgraded their patch to 3.3.3a right? after that i tried to patch my wow.. and somehow got messed up.. now my wow doesnt work anymore and rolled back to the first patch… and getting several errors… can somebody tell me where can i download a full client of wow 3.3.3a? thanks for those who will reply.. god bless..

  32. ORQ says:

    The dungeon finder woking?

  33. Cone says:

    hi i need help with molten wow i installed the regular world of warcraft and updated it to the newest patch 3.3.5. and it said in molten wow to be able to play i have to overwrite the realmlist in the file called i had to type this in the file and i did and i saved it but when i go to the game i enter my user name and password and it says my trial has expired please help waht should i do how do i play????????

  34. Noobie says:

    Help… I registered in Registration successful. then I tried to log-in in the WOTLK wow then it says my account is invalid T.T I mean, wtf? the username bar says ‘ account’ but I registered in molten-wow. How do I make it work?? T-T noobie here.

  35. Jonathan says:

    I have enerything set up to patch 3.3.5 and when i try to log in it sayd “you have been disconnected from server” i cant even get to the character creation screen. plz help i have already changed the realmslist

  36. doug says:

    My har cant enter dungeon finder and i cant see my speech WTF do i do

  37. guuuyyuyy says:

    How do I play and start toplay, Ijust went on the website and made the account but what do I do from there???????? HElp??

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